Have you experienced serious and prolonged shoulder pain after receiving a vaccine shot from a walk-in, retail, or pharmacy clinic? If so, you may be eligible to join this lawsuit investigation and potentially seek vaccine injury compensation.

What is a SIRVA?

A Should Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA) references an injury to the shoulder and upper arm resulting from improper vaccine administration. SIRVA is most often reported as a side effect from the flu shot and includes symptoms such as:

      • Muscle pain
      • Impaired mobility
      • Damage to the rotator cuff
      • Radial nerve injury

These injuries may be the result of improper needle length or incorrect injection site placement, as in too high or low on the arm. Injury as a result of vaccination can be avoided in most cases through simple proper vaccination technique by well- trained individuals.

Previous Lawsuits

Clinics have been sued before for such injuries. For example, a case filed in October 2020 against a CVS Pharmacy in a district court in Pennsylvania on the grounds of negligent administration of the Pneumovax 23 vaccine. The plaintiff felt shoulder pain only hours after vaccination and was advised by CVS that Tylenol and ice would remedy the pain. Instead, he was admitted into the Emergency Department and underwent a surgical procedure meant to remove collected pus in his right shoulder, at which point he learned of “a massive rotator cuff tear.” Medical experts link this injury to those sometimes experienced after ill-administered vaccinations. Therefore, the suit contends that the plaintiff suffered physical pain, suffering, and financial burden from medical bills all because of a “right shoulder injury by administering the Pneumovax 23 vaccine in an improper location.” A similar case was filed against another CVS Pharmacy in New Jersey on the grounds of improper administration of the Shingles vaccination.

What is the goal of this investigation?

Migliaccio & Rathod seeks to hold these retail clinics accountable as a result of injuries linked to poorly administered vaccinations. This investigation of vaccine injection injuries includes, but is not limited to, walk-in retail clinics such as:

      • CVS MinuteClinic
      • Walgreens
      • Sam’s Club
      • RiteAid
      • Target
      • Albertson’s
      • Costco
      • Walmart
      • Meijer
      • HyVee
      • Giant (also known as Food Lion or Stop & Shop)
      • Kroger
      • Wegmans
      • Safeway

*NOTE: This investigation is NOT open to potential cases that attempt to connect vaccine injections with autism; the focus is on shoulder injuries due to a technician’s poor training, NOT the efficacy of vaccines.

**This investigation is open to all states, though is especially interested in people affected in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Illinois, and California.